Hybrid Cloud-based Backup & Recovery

Secure data, easily accessible

Max Backup & Recovery is hybrid cloud backup & recovery for today’s managed service providers. It starts with le and folder based backup all the way up to full or granular image based recovery. Hybrid backup & recovery means you keep a complete backup locally as well as o site secure in the cloud.

Our Backup Philosophy, Easy as 3,2,1

3 Copies of Your Data

Fast Backup

By indexing every le on a device we are able to quickly scan for changes and only backup the minor increments. The result is fast backup with minimal impact on CPU and outgoing bandwidth.

Your Data is Safe With Us

All data is encrypted at rest and in transmission with AES 128, 256 or 448- bit blow sh. Data is safe from download or device theft on site and safe in transmission or in the cloud.

Faster Recovery

Most often people are simply looking to recover a lost le or group of documents that were accidently deleted. Being able to quickly go back to the way things were yesterday is important. For critical systems, having a local backup allows you to get back up and running in 5 minutes when disaster strikes.

Reliable and Secure

Data is critical to your business and needs to be accessible to you and you alone when you need it.

  • Only the device owner holds the private encryption key to their data
  • Available when you need it
  • MAX Backup adheres to the strictest compliance regulations
  • 99.999% UPTIME
  • PCI-DSS, HIPAA ISO 27001 SSAE16 SOC-1 Type II

Dutch Data Centers

Recover file & folder, full image or enterprise applications

File & Folder Recovery Application Recovery

  • SQL
  • Exchange (Granular)
  • SharePoint
  • Oracle

Virtual Disaster Recovery

  • HyperV / VMWare (Granular)

Bare Metal Recovery

  • Bootable USB or ISO
  • Access BMR Session Remotely
  • Dissimilar Hardware and HDD
  • Single Pass Application Recovery (VSS)
  • GPT/UEFI/BIOS/MBR support

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